Past Projects

Dough Nation

Dough Nation is an initiative which aims to tackle food wastage across Melbourne by connecting bakeries with underprivileged communities. Targeting homeless individuals and groups, Dough Nation seeks to provide these people with unsold, leftover bread from local bakeries that is usually discarded.


Envision is a unique platform that looks at proactive prevention of common eye health problems amongst children. Between the ages of 0 to 3 years old, common eye problems such as amblyopia, known more commonly as lazy eye, can be treated and prevented. Children regain confidence in physical activities and social events.

Moreover, with a wider focus on general eye health, Envision aims to increase the standard of health amongst Australians all over the country.



Imprint creates positive public spaces to encourage social interaction, boost economic activity and discourage anti-social behaviour and crime in the Melbourne community. Imprint achieves this through open collaboration between students and local councils and community hubs.

Through the collective expertise of urban design and commerce students, these projects produce outcomes that are both practical and effective. Ultimately improving the quality of life and standard of living of residents across Melbourne.

Outback Tutor

OUTBACK TUTOR was a project that aimed to assist in the education of children in remote Indigenous communities. The program provided supplementary education for these students in homework groups run by University of Melbourne Education students via telephone.

The objective was to offer assistance on homework, enhance the quality of learning and frame tertiary education as a tangible and attractive possibility for these indigenous students.

The program was piloted in Jilkminggan School in term 4 in 2013 with 3 students from The University of Melbourne Education, with the help of corporate, university and government partnership.


In 2007, EnviroSelect began as a SIFE project designed to become a catalyst for environmental change through facilitating consumers’ and businesses’ understanding about environmental issues and its economic benefits.

EnviroSelect created a ‘mark of recognition’ that was awarded to small businesses that demonstrate environmental improvements in daily practices. In order to gain the mark, businesses had to successfully complete the EnviroSelect program which involves implementing 22 core recommendations, and a further 2 recommendations tailored to each individual business. These recommendations aimed to help the business save money and to increase its environmental efficiency. This way, the businesses saved money and the environmentally conscious consumers were able to identify ‘green’ businesses.

Today, EnviroSelect is an independent not­for­profit organisation. To date, 10 small businesses have been EnviroSelected. These small business have not only saved significantly reduced operating expenses, they have also seen consumers actively change their behaviour. Most notably, many customers are now bringing their own mugs or buying EnviroSelect reusable Keep Cups to reduce waste.

Back To Work

Back to Work focused on equipping recovered bone marrow transplant recipients with the skills necessary to re­enter the professional workforce. Due to the debilitating and residual effects of treatment and their absence from the workforce, many transplant recipients are faced with the very challenging task of securing a job.

In collaboration with the Fight Cancer Foundation, The Back to Work program assisted participants to develop mechanisms to cope with the lingering effects of chemotherapy, as well as to undertake skills training while reassessing career goals to improve employability.

The program facilitated short term unpaid placements at partner companies. These placements helped participants to gain confidence and re­establish themselves in the professional arena, with the view to gaining permanent employment at the end of the transition period from the employers involved in the program.

Back to Work offered transplant recipients a chance to feel valued again, providing a realistic pathway to improve employability and changing employers’ perceptions.

Switched On Consulting

Switched On Consulting (SOC) was a dedicated team that worked in partnership with social enterprises and not for profits to achieve sustainable and consistent social outcomes.

Primarily, SOC aimed to improve existing business practices, boost competitiveness, and ultimately, ensure the long­term viability of the social enterprise. This was done via various consulting and business related practices that will assist the business model.

SOC engaged with organisations such as Interns Australia, Australian Drug Foundation, One Voice and Stepping Stones.

Street Stories

Street Stories aimed to break the cycle of homelessness and create public awareness for the varied causes of homelessness to enable change.

Previously, Street Stories conducted unique walking tours of Melbourne led by people who have experienced homelessness to provide them with forms of income.