Make a difference

With so many issues plaguing our world today, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of our ability to make a difference. Our projects begin with an idea and are brought to life by a group of students ready to tackle real-world challenges and bring real, positive change to communities around us. Together with Enactus branches around the globe, we are able to make a difference.

Current Projects

Nexus Abroad

Since 2008, Nexus Abroad has partnered with communities from Africa to India. Currently, Nexus is working with a village in the slopes of Nepal. In the midst of an underemployment crisis, the women in this village are given financial freedom through the commercialisation of their handcrafted books. Shipped and distributed across stores around Melbourne, all profits are sent back to these women, giving the families in this community access to basic medical and educational facilities.


Healer is a project which adopts a unique approach in the way we look to tackle environmental degradation throughout India. India faces various environmental issues such as over-fishing and this can result in a domino effect whereby the ecosystem and plants are damaged and marine life imbalance can occur. Healer aims to revitalise various regions throughout India and hopefully reduce the levels of over-fishing. This will be done by educating members of society about an alternative income stream, with that being the farming of Aloe Vera.

Dough Nation

Dough Nation is an initiative which aims to tackle food wastage across Melbourne by connecting bakeries with underprivileged communities. Targeting homeless individuals and groups, Dough Nation seeks to provide these people with unsold, leftover bread from local bakeries that is usually discarded.

Culinary Tales

Ecco Kuppa

We are a social enterprise that empowers people to look after the environment. The product is a beautifully designed and patented reusable coffee cup where profits go to plant a tree in the purchaser’s name. We seek to provide a positive impact on the environment and increase environmental awareness. The cups are currently sold in Melbourne. If you would like to stock our cups or are interested in supporting our cause feel free to contact us.