Past Projects


In 2007, EnviroSelect began as a SIFE project designed to become a catalyst for environmental change through facilitating consumers’ and businesses’ understanding about environmental issues and its economic benefits.

EnviroSelect created a ‘mark of recognition’ that was awarded to small businesses that demonstrate environmental improvements in daily practices. In order to gain the mark, businesses had to successfully complete the EnviroSelect program which involves implementing 22 core recommendations, and a further 2 recommendations tailored to each individual business. These recommendations aimed to help the business save money and to increase its environmental efficiency. This way, the businesses saved money and the environmentally conscious consumers were able to identify ‘green’ businesses.

Today, EnviroSelect is an independent not­-for­-profit organisation. To date, 10 small businesses have been EnviroSelected. These small business have not only saved significantly reduced operating expenses, they have also seen consumers actively change their behaviour. Most notably, many customers are now bringing their own mugs or buying EnviroSelect reusable Keep Cups to reduce waste.