Past Projects

Back To Work

Back to Work focused on equipping recovered bone marrow transplant recipients with the skills necessary to re­enter the professional workforce. Due to the debilitating and residual effects of treatment and their absence from the workforce, many transplant recipients are faced with the very challenging task of securing a job.

In collaboration with the Fight Cancer Foundation, The Back to Work program assisted participants to develop mechanisms to cope with the lingering effects of chemotherapy, as well as to undertake skills training while reassessing career goals to improve employability.

The program facilitated short term unpaid placements at partner companies. These placements helped participants to gain confidence and re­establish themselves in the professional arena, with the view to gaining permanent employment at the end of the transition period from the employers involved in the program.

Back to Work offered transplant recipients a chance to feel valued again, providing a realistic pathway to improve employability and changing employers’ perceptions.