Board of Advisory

Margaret Abernethy

Professor Margaret Abernethy holds the Sir Douglas Copland Chair of Commerce, Chair of Managerial Accounting; and is Director of the Melbourne Centre for Corporate Governance and Regulation (MCCGR). A leading researcher in cost accounting, budgeting, performance management, compensation design and corporate governance, Professor Abernethy has received in excess of $3 million in competitive research grants, provided expert advice to both the public and private sector, as well as serving on a number of boards. Prior to returning to the Department of Accounting in mid-2012, Professor Abernethy served as Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics for over eight years, during which she was instrumental in the implementation of the Melbourne Model, designed and commissioned a new $128m building; and built the reputation and standing of the Faculty as the leading business and economics school in the region. She was awarded the Telstra Business Woman of the Year (Government and Community) in 2008 for her outstanding contribution to higher education, and was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in 2011.  

Jeff Borland

Jeff is a Truby Williams Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne. At University of Melbourne he has been a recipient of the Ed Brown University Teaching Prize and the Dean’s Award for Individual Teaching, and at Yale University he was awarded the Raymond Powell Prize for Excellence in Teaching in the Department of Economics. In 2007 he was awarded a Carrick Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. He has acted as a consultant on labour market and microeconomics issues to organisations such as the OECD, IMF, ACCC, New Zealand Treasury, and Productivity Commission. He is currently on the Board of Editors of the Journal of Sports Economics, and between 1998 and mid-2002 was Co-Editor and Editor of the Economic Record. His current teaching is in the areas of microeconomics, sports economics, and Australian and world economic history.

Tricia Liew

Tricia is a manager in the KPMG Global Strategy Group (Integration & Separation). She began her career as an intellectual property solicitor, then as a corporate tax and R&D tax incentive adviser, working with clients from the start up sector through to large corporates. Her unique combination of knowledge and experience working with innovative industries enables her to provide advice on the development of projects that demonstrate true potential. Tricia’s experience with Pets of the Homeless Australia and The Salvation Army exemplifies her fervent passion for truly worthwhile social causes.

Grant McWhirter

Grant is the Director and Principal Consultant of Digital First, responsible for digital strategy, solution design and technical implementation. During his career, Grant has worked in a range of industry sectors including: Local Government, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Creative Industries, Education and Social Enterprise. Grant is a recognised leader in digital strategy and has worked on multiple implementation projects at an international level. His area of expertise lies in; analysing, designing and implementing solutions that focus on improving business process through automation/workflow, document control and compliance. Bringing together entrepreneurial and corporate experience, Grant seeks to innovate and utilise evolving technology to set up social enterprises.

Noel Reid

Noel is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Advanced Business Studies, The Human Performance Company and Full Circle Feedback. Driven by a passion to help good people become great, Noel has developed a wealth of knowledge across the public, private and social sectors. He spends the majority of his time working directly with senior leaders, teams and organisations to help them get to the heart of the issues that may be preventing them from being as successful as they could be. Standing out as an industry leader in the ‘human performance’ industry, Noel has perfected the wholistic approach of maximising the output of both organisations and their employees.

David Griss

David is the Executive General Manager of Asaleocare and is responsible for all matters relating to Human Resources and Corporate Affairs. David’s abundance of experience across the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors has facilitated an enriched understanding of the complex issues that face today’s human resources market. Armed with 20+ years of experience working with corporations such as Hospira, The Mayne Group and F.H. Faulding & Co, David is perfectly placed to steer Enactus’ projects towards success.

Josh Farr

Josh embodies social entrepreneurship and a passion for change. In the short five years since completing his Bachelor of Engineering, Josh has developed a broad range of expertise as a surveyor, engineer, travel author, partnership executive and recruitment manger. As Founder of Campus Consultancy Josh seeks to empower the leadership of all student led clubs across Australia, streamlining how Presidents deliver maximum value to communities. Josh imparts knowledge surrounding how to increase student engagement, diversify a portfolio of sponsors and build a high-achieving team around. Inspiring those around him, Josh arms himself with the belief that education is the most powerful weapon against social inequality, a mantra that contributes insurmountable value to Enactus’ projects.

Suzanne Dixon

Specialising in Alumni Relations and Strategic Planning, Suzanne is an industry leader in philanthropic endeavours. Over her 24 years of managerial experience, Suzanne has managed to add immeasurable value to the institutions she served. Having mastered the act of exceeding fundraising targets, Suzanne has found time to provide Enactus with invaluable guidance. The logistical proficiency and attention to detail that Suzanne’s position requires has enabled her to truly foster greatness throughout Enactus’ projects maintaining her commitment to the organisation, even as she left The University of Melbourne.