Nexus Abroad is a team of Melbourne University students dedicated to creating sustainable flows of income for struggling institutions in developing nations.

Nexus Abroad is an international development project that assists community organisations in developing countries to become financially independent. The business has generated over $20,000 in the last financial year, helping two community organizations (an orphanage in Ghana and a health clinic in India) reduce their reliance on donations, and begin to generate their own sustainable income streams. Additionally, Nexus Abroad assists these organisations set up appropriate accounting frameworks and governance structures to improve transparency and accountability.

As a result, they are currently running 2 volunteer programs to Ghana and India. Volunteers have the opportunity to teach in a local school or work as part of a rural health initiative. Not only do volunteers contribute to improving the lives of underprivileged but also generate a revenue stream for an AIDS Orphanage and Rural Health Care Service respectively.



Nectar Home is an orphanage who cares for children orphaned by the HIV/Aids virus. Located in the Manya Krobo district of Ghana the orphanage houses 20 children, providing them with food, clothes, education and shelter. The home encourages the children to grow in a supportive environment and challenges the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.



The Comprehensive Buldana Health Program (CBHP) began in 2010 with the aim of creating a community health initiative among the population of 45 000 villagers stricken by extreme poverty and poor education. It hopes to do so by imparting knowledge of preventative health measures in conjunction with healthcare.