Partnership Benefits

A business partnership with the University of Melbourne Enactus, will see your organisation

joining a global network of over 2000 universities in over 40 countries.

Specific benefits include:

Building your company’s name and reputation

Your company’s name and reputation will be promoted across all faculties in Australia’s leading universities,

to over 30 Australian universities at the National Championships Conference, and to over 2000 universities

at the World Cup Conference.

Access to the University of Melbourne Network

Working with ambitious, skilled, passionate and innovative students who are committed to their own

personal and professional development, and whose experiences as Enactus students have better prepared

them for professional careers.

Evidence of Success

Recognition and prizes awarded at the National Competition and World Championships,

including Enactus Australia National Runners­Up 2008, 2009 and 2010, National Champions

2007, and Enactus World Cup Semi­Finalists in New York 2007.

Enactus alumni have received graduate positions or vacation placements with leading

professional firms including Deloitte, Macquarie Capital, UBS, McKinsey, Accenture,

StateStreet (USA), KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young, Mallesons, Blake Dawson, Arup and the

Federal Treasury.

Partnership Options

There are various partnership options available to suite your organisation’s specific needs and

goals. These vary from a local to international scale involvement and short­term to more

substantial commitments.


As a self­supporting, non­profit organisation, Enactus’s activities are funded by government

grants, private grants, corporate sponsorship, university support and competition prize money.

These sources of funding ensures effectiveness in Enactus’s day to day operations which

includes supporting the project portfolio, the facilitation of professional training workshops for

student members, subsiding the annual National Conference event and World Cup

expenditure, and providing for general administrative expenses.

Through sponsorship, our professional partners benefit from having increased brand

recognition as official partners of the University of Melbourne Enactus on promotional

materials. Partnership also allows organisations to increase their prominence and reputation

among the high calibre students of both Enactus and the broader University of Melbourne

networks. We are able to create an individual sponsorship package that meets the interests

and objectives of both our organisations.

Business Advisory Board

The Business Advisory Board (BAB) is an integral part of the Enactus program. The BAB is a

group of business and community leaders that are recruited to serve as mentors for the team.

Board members provide advice, monitor activities, assist in the development of strategy and

act as a judging panel in the lead­up to the National Conference. BAB members keep Enactus

students informed of current business and community concerns and trends, provide financial

or in­kind assistance for projects, critique annual reports and presentations, and provide

networking opportunities. The BAB is also capable of carrying out other duties on behalf of the

Enactus team, which may include holding the team accountable for finances and projects

goals, connecting the organisation with local networks and identifying possible sponsorship


Active Engagement


Company representatives are able to act as valuable strategic advisors for students through

their professional specialisation and general business knowledge and experience. Members

of the business community have the opportunity to personally, and professionally, inspire the

next generation of leaders by providing mentoring support to the team. Individual mentors and

steering committees aim to develop the leadership skills and knowledge base of project

managers and functional managers.

Training Workshops

Members of the business community can actively engage with the Enactus team through

running workshops on topics ranging from developing interpersonal skills such as public

speaking, interviewing techniques and professional networking, to developing technical skills

such as financing and project management.


If your organisation is interested in getting involved, please contact